Since 1983


Roast suckling lamb, a pleasure for the palate,
prepared in our carvery since 1983.


magnificent cod

In a continuous effort to improve the health of our distinguished customers,
we offer thecod of La Farmacia, the perfect ally for our most famous dishes.

Local and fresh

Traditional and modern tapas and the most cosmopolitan cocktails, together in our bars in Barcelona. The most "Guindilleras"!  

Latest News

What is the certificate I.G.P of Castilla y Leon?

The Asador de Aranda prepares and serves high quality lamb, is a fact. All our lambs have a certificate called I.G.P of Castilla y Leon certifying their origin, breeding and product quality. But what is this certificate?

The Magical Nano-tales are back!

"By publishing of this work, the intention of Asador de Aranda Group was to merge gastronomic and literary culture.

We have a blog!

We are delighted to announce that Asador de Aranda Group has a news blog.