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Nano relatos

"By publishing of this work, the intention of Asador de Aranda Group was to merge gastronomic and literary culture. When asked to commemorate the emblematic day of Sant Jordi, we blindly went looking for young budding poets, storytellers and writers. The aim was to find new creations that the reader of today could enjoy. For this purpose, we have delved into the minds of 23 talents who present their tales and illustrations in the form of an anthology and which only intends to be a gift to delight the soul while sublimating the palate.

I would like to sincerely thank Asador de Aranda Group and the publisher Bissan for this enormous effort in the name of literature and culture, and the opportunity they have given to these young artists, whose creations have made this collective literary adventure possible.

Eva Requena"

We are already thinking about the next Literary Sessions in El Guindilla. Visit the website of Magical Nano-tales and find out all the latest news.

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