Why Asador de Aranda?

Our experience backs us up.
Asador de Aranda -  A chain of restaurants specialised in high quality Castilian gastronomy, specialised in Churra breed suckling lamb, with an IGP Castilla y León (Protected geographical denomination) certificate, roast in a clay oven.
Born from the experience of more than two decades of specialization in the cuisine of the region of Castile, with a pioneering vision, to ensure this gastronomy is known all over Spain.

The keys to the success of our business model are based on 4 values:

  • A top quality product.
  • Spectacular décor for the customer to enjoy.
  • Painstaking and impeccable customer service.
  • The great loyalty of our customers.

The value of our product
Ever since we started, we have been committed to a quality product; from origin to cooking. We work hard every day to offer a unique experience to all our clients, designing very warm and comfortable surroundings for them.

The value of our brand 
The best reward is that our clients continue to choose us for their everyday meals as well as for special celebrations with friends, family, couples…
The solidity and experience of our long career in Spain enables Asador de Aranda Group to face this new stage of internationalisation with great optimism and strength. With the implementation of our concept in other countries, we are open to any type of collaboration for our internationalisation; licencing, franchise, Joint venture, etc.
Asador de Aranda Group is ready to be on the tables of the world.
Would you like to join our family? We are looking for people with an entrepreneurial spirit, enthusiasm and managerial skills, with restaurant and catering experience, who are looking for the backing of a brand with acknowledged prestige.

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